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2016 & 2017 Amman Jordan Middle East Atlantis Solar Exhibitions

Updated  News for  2017 Coming  May  15th

* Brownsville Fraud, Patent®,  Trade  Marks & Names®, including  Copyright©, Trade Secrets,  Intellectual Property Rights  being abused, and stolen  against my control. I will  show the truth  of continued  Corruption  & Counterfeiting  of Atlantis Solar® brand  name and  products to date.

* Jacksonville Fraud  & Theft

* Hawaii  2010 complete story

* More about Texas

* World Counterfeiting  of Atlantis  Solar  Brand  Name and Products®

* All supporting documents will prove Atlantis Solar® Has done our best to serve our distributors and clients from  2003 to Present.

* Not once has taken anything from anyone, unless it was to cause harm against our good brand name to hurt others,  or for non payment of goods.


After listening to attorneys and government for 6 to 7 years; the truth will be exposed and posted for all to review.

Now going on 14 to 15 years, Atlantis Solar  has not had one product quality complaint, including no more then a total of 4 complaints which all have documented dates with paper trails proving our cause of action.

Atlantis Solar does exactly, and more then we promise, to ensure continued quality products, service, parts, and updates before and after sales, to our loyal clients, distributors, partners and governments worldwide.

* From 2017 forward, if some one lodges a complaint, it will be immediately posted here with supporting documents of proof to show cause.

At Atlantis Solar or any company in the world, there will always be someone that finds a reason to get something for free with a false complaint, therefore we keep all data to prove our actions, and or responses.

We are happy to say, there has not been a complaint in over 6 years; thank you to our highly educated partners, distributors, and governments entities worldwide.

This is why Atlantis Solar is still here, and will be for many years  to come. At Atlantis Solar it is not about money; we are about integrity, honesty, quality products, fast production, PR and QC in order to work with our loyal markets.

Mr. Steven Rahl CEO

Atlantis Solar and Wind LLC, a Florida, United States of America Corporation

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