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Atmospheric Water Generator

Guaranteed 99.9% pure drinking water, no matter where you place us!!!

(Coming Soon "Atlantis H2O Ionizer™") Read More…

- Purifies, ionizes, humidity and contaminated water in to 100% fresh drinking water -

EVERY 8 SECONDS A CHILD DIES FROM WATER RELATED DISEASES According to the: World Health Organization

Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O Newest Technology in Pure Drinking Water Production

Atlantis H2O Elite Atmospheric Water Generators producing 100L to 100,000L Per Day

  • 50% and More in Energy Savings vs. Our Older Technology
  • Our newest Atmospheric Water Generators designed for small applications starting at 100 Liters up to 10,000 Liters per day
  • Guaranteed Pure Water Production from the Lowest Relative Humidity, increasing Water production to surpass its capacity rating by 20% or more Water Production in High Relative Humidity Environments.
  • Government and Atlantis Solar Qualified Distributors Only,
  • Atlantis Solar - Atlantis H2O will provide complete details about our future in collecting pure water from the air.
  • Atlantis H2O Atmospheric Water Generators will provide both superior water, collection of water, and reduced manufacture prices vs. our earlier commercial models.
  • 100% Guaranteed Sediment and Bacterial Elimination

Technical Details Read More.

*Now Manufacturing 500L Mobile Pure Drinking Atmospheric Water Generator*

FAQ: City drinking water is provided to your homes and businesses daily from continued reprocessed, recycled city sewage, rain, and flood run off water.

You pay for continued recycled treated water, both when we use it, and when we dispose of it. Which then returns back to where is came from (City Water Treatment Centers, or Plants). Each and 365 days per year.

This recycled sewage water is continually treated with chemicals to supposedly protect us from serious health issues, which many cities have failed in providing safe drinking water. The water that returns into your home from water treatment plants contains from human consumed pharmaceuticals, bathroom tissue to sewage run off from farmland and local community water home and business human sewage returning to water treatment plants again and again for recycling.

It is wise to order a testing kit for your local water which you pay for, to see exactly what lurks in the recycled water entering your home or business. For example The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) water testing lab.

"NOT INTENDED FOR WEEK STOMACHS" Follow the link, which will provide true facts to why city water is harmful to your health Read More..

FAQ Topics: Pure drinking water provided daily from our Atmosphere (Minerals and Vitamins)

You will find that, it is very Important to read about minerals, and vitamins, which are essential to every day life on Earth, and how our eco system provides the needed essential vitamins, and minerals for all life to survive. Read more about drinking water and minerals

Please have an open mind knowing, this is fact and not fiction.

Many seem to think by drinking only water, the body or life on earth receives its minerals and vitamins by reproduced State, City, Village, or County Water recycling Plants (Not True).

If you had to reply on drinking water to provide both the human body and or eco system minerals, and vitamins from drinking water; our eco system would not survive.

Please think about why our eco system during the stone age was 100% pure and green, and then look at today's world, millions of years later. Accurate information referencing natures cycle and atmospheric water generation. Read More...

Atlantis H2O - Atlantis Solar Guarantee to Produce Pure Healthy Water starting at $.02USD Cents Per Liter:

Atlantis H2O will Guarantee a return in your investment in less then 6 months. After 6 months, your pure drinking water becomes 100% free (Water vs. cost per liter to produce).

Our guarantee applies towards 100% environmentally friendly energy sources helping power your Atmospheric Water Generator in producing 99.9% Pure "Free" Drinking Water. (This Guarantee is Based on Atlantis H20 / Atlantis Solar® method of operation. Third parties do not apply