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5 Year Warranty on all Atlantis Solar Hot Water Heaters

“NEW HOT SELLER" Desalination inline filtration system

Remove corrosive sediments from your water for a very low price.

1. The pellets inside our filter shown to your right, are active carbon pellets.

2. These pellets cannot remove sodium from water, their function is to clean the water, taking impurities from the water.

3. If this water is used for drinking water, it first must be boiled.

Desalination filtration system for all solar hot water heaters, or areas where corrosive sediments enter your home or business water. Now helping provide a longer life for your water pipes, and hot water heaters, offered by Atlantis Solar USA.

Thermal Solar Non Pressure Hot Water Heaters: Atlantis Solar water heater relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank or heat exchanger.

Atlantis Solar water heaters rely on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank or heat exchanger. In this type of installation, the tank must be located above the collector. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated it becomes lighter and naturally rises into the tank, Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation throughout the system.

This non- pressure system water heater relies on a natural Principle --"Thermo siphon". As the sun's rays hit the evacuated solar collector tubes , the temperature of the water in the tubes rise to certain heat levels, making the water less dense or lighter. The hot water naturally moves up to the top of collector and through out evacuated collector tubes converting to the storage tank. The colder water in water tank, then moves down to the bottom of the collector. This process is continuous thermal processing, and 100% natural in heating water from the sun with evacuated specially designed vacuum tubes.

This non-pressure solar hot water heater is an "Open Circuit" system. By the air vent valve on the top of the storage cylinder and the over flow pipe in the bottom of the thermal insulated tank that maintains open to the air. The hot water will circulate freely with out any type of pressure regulators.

These systems move household water or a heat - transfer fluid through the system without pumps. This kind of passive system has the advantages naturally when producing hot water with out electricity to heat or circulate water. This makes passive systems generally more reliable, easier to maintain, and often inexpensive.

Non Pressure Models: (Stainless / Color)

Thermo-Siphon Pressure Solar Water Heater (Inner tank copper coil)

Copper coil pressure and heat conductor ASWH-2 Model Copper coil pressure and heat conductor ASWH-2 Model
  • Material of inner tank:SUS304 with 0.41mm
  • Material of outer tank: color steel with 0.35mm
  • Material of frame: zinc coating with 1.3mm ,with silver color
  • Assistant tank: 7liter
  • Copper coil in the tank: diameter of copper:10-11mm weight: 7.5kg-8.5kg in the tank

Compact Pressure Solar Water Heater w/inner pressure water tank

Passive system Working Principle:

Compact pressured solar water heater system also known as a whole unified system. Typically these systems will function by natural convection or heat pipes to transfer the heat energy from the collector to the tank. There is no water going through the vacuum tubes, and if one tube broken, it will not affect the complete system, this solar hot water heater has much better water pressure than most known styles on the market.

ASWH-4 ModelASWH-4 Model
  • Material of inner tank is SUS304 2B (food grade) with 1.2mm thickness. All machine welding. (inner pressure water tank as shown in photo
  • Material of outer tank is SUS304 2B with 0.4mm thickness.
  • Material of stand frame is stainless steel with 1.2mm thickness or Aluminum alloy with 2.0 thickness.
  • The thickness of polyurethane foam is 55-60mm.
  • Uses heat pipe to transfer as heat energy, there is no water in the vacuum tubes, and it can be used in all climates.

Separated High Pressure Water Heater

ASWH-3 Model:ASWH-3 Model:
  • This system includes, solar collector. storage tank working station.
  • The solar collector and the water tank are separated , this complete system operates under the forced pressure.
  • The solar collector could be mounted on the balcony veranda, the the southern wall sloping roof or awning and the water tank can be installed any where.
  • The heat pipe vacuum tube collector is a two circuit system, free of freezing, could be used as under minus 50° Celsius.
  • The metal super conducting vacuum heat collector is used , there is no water in the tubes, therefore will not freeze or burst