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ASWB - AGM Deep Cycle Model: Applications Solar - Wind - UPS

Maintenance Free Sealed Lead Acid Battery

(UL, CE Certifications, 2 years Factory Warranty)

General Features:General Features:
  • Sealed and maintenance free operation
  • Safety valve installation for explosion proof
  • Low self-discharge characteristic
  • Long service life, the designed service life is 10 years
  • Wide operating temperature range from 15º-40º
  • Lead Aluminum calcium Tin alloy high energy, prevent corrosion

Atlantis Solar AGM Deep Cycle No Maintenance Batteries

We offer the widest range of VRLA batteries for industrial applications including AGM, GEL, Communication battery series and Euro battery, Deep cycle battery series for Standby, Communication equipment, Emergency lighting systems, Solar powered and wind powered systems, load leveling and storage equipment, marine equipment, Power generation plants, Alarm systems, Uninterruptible power suppliers and stand-by power systems, Medical equipment and other Special applications.

Established in 1996, Atlantis Solar batteries becomes one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Lead Acid Batteries in the world , as well as, the largest manufacturer of battery plates.

Atlantis Solar battery factory is taking care of more than 2100 employees and 320 families who produce an annual output of U.S. Dollars 250 Million. Our battery factory covering an area of 200,000 square meters in possession with an overall construction area over 100,000 square meters.  

Our Atlantis Solar battery factory has always been a leader in Lead Acid Battery Plate manufacturing and battery assembling technology. Now producing more than 550 different models of batteries used for Automobile, Motorcycle and Industrial applications like Standby Power Suppliers.

The technique and performance of all Atlantis Solar batteries comply with at least and even better than common international standards, like JIS, BS and so on. These batteries and plates produced by Atlantis Solar battery factory occupied a market share of more 27% in Asia in the year of 2008, and are being exported now worldwide, in The USA, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, European countries, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. 

Atlantis Solar battery factory, certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, is strictly working on quality control of all plates and batteries in order to present the lowest to 0% of defective guarantee. Self-making plates help the company to ensure our batteries a reliable performance and high quality performance. Meanwhile, it greatly helps to reduce the battery production cost, which makes Atlantis Solar batteries 100% absolutely competitive.


  • Capacity AH @ C100

  • AGM batteries are totally sealed and are easy and safe to transport

  • They NEVER topping up with water

  • They can be safely mounted inside a boat, car, caravan, motor home etc

  • AGM batteries only need to be vented to atmosphere, they do not need to be in a sealed box vented to the outside like wet batteries, and can be mounted on their sides or ends if needed.

  • Due to their very low internal resistance AGM batteries will fully charge at a lower voltage, and accept a much larger charge current, so when charging from a standard car/truck alternator these batteries will all but fully charge, and they will charge quickly, in about 3 hours!

  • AGM batteries can be discharged deeper than conventional deep cycle batteries without major damage.

  • AGM batteries only self discharge at the rate of up to 3% per month, and even after 12 months sitting idle can be recharged and put back into full service without any major damage. (A standard deep cycle battery if treated the same way will have destroyed itself, it will no longer hold a good charge)

  • AGM batteries were originally developed for the military, they are very robust.